Attention: If you own assets and earn your income in the United States – I have a warning for you…

The Next Big Crash Is Coming!

And if you aren’t prepared you’re going to take a financial beat down.  In this video I am going to show you the tools that will help you, not only survive, but thrive during the coming global financial meltdown.

Welcome to GWP Insiders.

Not everyone realizes the monetary system as we know it is collapsing in front of our eyes.

But don’t take my word for it, the following tells this story for me:

  • The United States is $17 trillion dollars in debt.
  • The highest personal tax burden in history
  • The highest corporate tax in the world at 39.2
  • $500 billion dollars more in Obamacare taxes

But the scariest thing is…


Maybe you already know that the true definition of inflation is when the money supply grows faster than the productive capacity of the economy. Price inflation is what happens next – and it will eat away everything you’ve earned or will earn in the next couple of years.

And this is just scratching the surface of what’s to come.  But the upside is that more millionaires were created in the last depression than ever in American history.  And it’s predicted there will be 10 million more millionaires by the end of 2016.  And that’s…

The Reason We Started GWP Insiders

‘Insiders’ has one goal: to take this crisis and turn it into a massive opportunity.  We have sought out the key strategies used by the wealthy-elite to generate fortunes during times like we’re experiencing right now.  And we’ve recruited dozens of experts to help us teach you how to rapidly grow and protect your wealth in the next couple of years.

When you become a member, you’ll have access to some of the most valuable and closely guarded secrets the wealthy use to protect and grow their wealth and I know that might sound like hyperbole but the people involved in GWP Insiders do not share this stuff beyond a small room at conferences usually held on some Caribbean island.

So not only have we gathered it all in one place, we’ve made it even easier and simpler than ever before.

You see, we’ve broken it down into three modules:

  1. Internationalize Your Wealth
  2. Internationalize Your Business
  3. Internationalize Your Life

Our first goal is to open up a world of investment opportunities to you that you will never hear from your broker.

That’s why in this first module you’ll gain access to investments…

Normally Reserved For The Ultra-Wealthy

We’ll not only teach you how, but introduce you to the people that are regularly generating our members average returns of 10, 20, 50 and even 100%…

In fact when you become a GWP Insider you’ll immediately get access to 17 of our vetted investments that are currently earning our clients (and ourselves) double digit returns or more and with some of these investments are we’re making those returns MONTHLY.

But that’s just the beginning. You’ll use options trading secrets, internet marketing tactics, and expert business strategies to create a new stream of international income.

This will allow you to ‘disconnect’ from your geographic location so you can live and work from anywhere in the world…

And to top it off, we’ve also included in-depth articles and training on how to decrease your tax burden by 10-50%!

And that’s just the first module!

In the second module, you’re going to learn how to…

Internationalize Your Business

Which means: how do you protect your assets now and in the future with trusts and foundations and how exactly you can structure your assets in offshore companies and bank accounts to take advantage of more business and tax-friendly jurisdictions around the world.

The possibilities are really endless when you get away from the every-day norm.

So in this module you’ll draw a complete veil of privacy and protection around everything you’ve worked so hard to earn…

And finally in the third module you’ll receive international living advice.

This where we’ve put together some of the absolute best advice on acquiring residency and citizenship in other countries.

Have you ever wondered where and how
you can obtain a second passport?

Well we’ve spent years and tens of thousands of dollars traveling to many countries to explore their residency and citizenship requirements.

After tons of frustration and political red-tape we’ve weeded out the scammers and the bogus claims and we’ve developed a network of professional lawyers around the world that will take you by the hand and not only explain everything you need to know but — step-by-step how to do it — and in some cases they’ll even do it for you!

This module has everything from where should I go?  Where should I live?  What’s it like? You will get real boots-on-the-ground advice from the people who live, work, and invest all over the world.

But that’s not all either.

You never have to worry about this information getting outdated because every single month (and sometimes sooner) we send out updates and new information.

This is all we do here at GWP Insiders so we’re constantly traveling and searching out new opportunities for investing, asset protection, and residency and citizenship options for our memebrs.

So after we’ve verified and vetted the opportunity and taken some time to test it out you’ll be the first to hear about it every single time.

Here’s The Deal:

I think GWP Insiders is revolutionary.  Not only because it’s simple and easy – you can literally gain access minutes from now, but also because the information you will receive by becoming an insider will literally change your life.

And That’s Saying Something About Paid Newsletters…

Because, like you, I’ve tried them all.  I highly recommend it, and the price – simply can’t be beat.

Sure, you could spend a $25,000 dollar retainer fee to speak to just one of our dozens of experts.

Or you could also spend $2,000 per hour for consulting.  Or hundreds of thousands of dollars traveling the world to build the network and the kind of relationships we have built with bankers, lawyers, accountants, investors, and other offshore experts.  Or – you could just become one of our GWP Insiders and get it all.

Now normally, to become an insider it costs $200/month or $2000/year.  But – we’re going to make a special one-time offer to you right here to kick off this launch of GWP Insiders 2.0

And that special one-time offer — is to join GWP Insiders for only $597 dollars for the entire year.

So a one-time investment of 597 dollars will give you insider access for an entire year.

70% Off The Regular Price

That’s only about 1.60 per day for access to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of world-class expert advice and money making investments — you can’t beat that.

Listen, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make money on every investment we recommend, but – our goal is to provide 100 times more in value than what you pay.

And because of this Bobby and I struggled with the initial price.  I mean, Sure we wanted to take care of our long-time subscribers and friends but we’ve also put in a TON of work and we’ve included a TON of value into this!

I mean he’s booked most days at his standard $2,000 per day for consulting and we normally charge well over that to attend one of our conferences and they’re absolutely worth every single penny.

But we wanted to do something special for the launch of GWP Insiders 2.0

So we came up with this special one-time offer for $597

Let’s talk about the best case/worst case scenarios here.

Come get what you need – use it – if you find out it’s not exceeding your expectations for any reason we’ll give you a compete refund. We want you to have every opportunity to protect your family and come out ahead during this collapse.

So take the next 60 days and make it happen. Anytime in those first 60 days you can get ALL of your hard earned money back.  So the worst case scenario is, you get the goods, you get to work the plan, and for 60 days decide if this is going to make a difference based on what’s right in front of you.

And if you decide NO, you haven’t lost any money. All you have to do is click the button right below this video to join us.

But if that wasn’t enough…

Let Me Sweeten The Deal…

When you sign up today you’re going to receive brand new bonuses.

  • Bonus # 1: Options Trading TutorialThe first thing you’re going to get is the GWP Insiders Options Trading Tutorial.  This manual will take even the greenest of traders and turn them into profit-generating-machines.  Never traded before?  Not a problem.  This bad boy will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Bonus # 2: Options Trade AlertsAnd the reason we’re giving you that is because — in addition to the monthly GWP Insiders Issue, you’re also going to receive weekly trade alerts if there are time-sensitive opportunities to make some quick money.
  • Bonus # 3: Special Report: 10 Lessons Learned Moving AbroadThe third bonus you’re going to receive is a brand new special report “10 Lessons Learned Moving Abroad” You can gain real insight into turning your family into perpetual travelers with you and avoid any stumbling blocks you may encounter.
  • Bonus # 4: Special Report: The Internet Market’s Guide to InternationalizationNext you’re going to receive an extremely special report called the “Internet Marketer’s Guide To Internationalization” it’s a specific guide for internet marketers to take their business offshore, protect what you’ve earned, minimize your tax burden, and truly internationalize your life, your business, and your assets.
  • Bonus # 5: Free Asset Protection and/or Investment Consultation With Bobby CaseyNext you’re going to receive access to a free consultation with Bobby directly. This would normally cost you $200 all the way up to $2000 depending on your situation.
  • Bonus # 6: Discounted Corporate and Trust ServicesAnd if all of THAT wasn’t enough – as an Insider you’re going to get deep discounts on Global Wealth Protection services like the set up of trusts, foundations, corporations, and self-directed IRAs.  You’ll get Insider pricing on all of our event tickets and much, more.

So that’s it folks.  3 amazing modules per month, weekly trade alerts, discounts on all of our services and many more bonuses to come… all for a one-time special offer of 70% off.

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I want to thank you for joining us today.  Go ahead and make your day a real win.  Click the button below and let’s get started right away!


As always live well, and have a fantastic day!